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About Me / About Us

To His Glory Minsitry
It is not About Me or About Us. Just that simple!  
We are only planters of the seed and waterers of the garden.  It is God and God alone who brings about the growth.
 1 Corinthians 3:5Ė7 (The Living Bible) 5 Who am I, and who is Apollos, that we should be the cause of a quarrel? Why, weíre just Godís servants, each of us with certain special abilities, and with our help you believed. 6 My work was to plant the seed in your hearts, and Apollosí work was to water it, but it was God, not we, who made the garden grow in your hearts. 7 The person who does the planting or watering isnít very important, but God is important because he is the one who makes things grow.
We are not teachers, preachers or pastors.  We are brothers and sisters in the Lord, being used by Him.  We have only one purpose and that is to Minister to others in service to our King to and for His Glory.    The Holy Spirit of the Living God is our teacher and helper.  John 14:
He has used many others to plant the seed and water the garden in our lives and by this website we are able to share with you the seeds the Lord has shown us in His Word both directly and through His faithful servants.  The Holy Spirit has and will confirmed His Truth time and time again in His Word.   He will always confirm His Truth in His Word if you are willing to hear His voice and listen to no other.
We are not about debate or argument, His Word is His Word, He will teach you and give you Heavenly Wisdom and Heavenly Understanding if you are willing to humble yourself before Him and come to Him with a willing and obedient heart and clean hands. We can only be made clean by the Blood of The Lamb that was slain. His blood is the new covenant between those who are willing to believe, have faith and trust in Him.
My sheep hear My voice and to another they will not listen.”   Listen to Him and His Word, spent your time in the secret place of Matthew 6:, and Psalm 91:.  Know The Father shares His mysteries and blessings with those who seek Him and are humble in spirit.  Psalm 25: , John 4:, Isaiah 66:, Jeremiah 33:.  Fill The Well Within You with His Word.  

All To His Glory
His bond servant
Kim Ford.