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Do You Know Him?

Transcript from the Radio Series : Who Do You Choose To Serve?

The message today is entitled Do you know Him? Please take the time before we start to get a pen and paper. Please jot down these scripture references. The written transcript of this message along with an audio recording is also available at our website under the Radio Ministry Tab. The scripture references will all be chapters only. Please Always Read the Word of God in Context, reading the entire chapter or the entire book, asking the Holy Spirit of the Living God to open your ears, eyes, heart and mind to give you the interpretation. His Word can only be understood with Heavenly Wisdom and Understanding, with the Help of the Holy Spirit of the Living God. So please jot down these references or go to the website under the radio ministry tab and download the transcript. You will be blessed by His Word. Amen.
Do You Know Him?
Know Who?
The Creator of the Universe, Genesis 1; John 1: Colossians 1:
The Lord of Lords and King of Kings; Philippians 2:, 1 Timothy 6:, Revelation 1: 17: 19:, Psalm 136: Deuteronomy 10:
The Lamb that was slain, Revelation 5:
The Son God; The Son of Man Matthew, Mark, Luke and John
Immanuel  –  “God With Us”, The Prince of Peace, Wonderful Counselor, Isaiah 9:
He who is the Word of God; John 1
He who is the Truth John 14:
He who cannot be known unless one is drawn by the Father John 6:
He who wants to be one with us and He is one with the Father John 14: – 17:
He who loves you so much that He gave His Holy and perfect life for you and I on the cross. Dying a sinner’s death of torture and cruxification; that eternal life may be given to all who believe. John 15:
He; who is our bridegroom. Luke 5: Isaiah 61:
He; who sits at the right hand of the Father pleading on our behalf. Acts 7: Romans 8:
He who’s blood was shed that we may live. Revelation 5:
He whose blood is the new covenant with the Father that we may sons and daughters of the Most High. Matthew 26: Luke 22: Hebrew 8: 2 Corinthians 6
He; who is the only way to the Father. John 14:
He is not the god of this world. John 8:
He was in this world, but He is not of this world. John 18:
He is the Way John 14:
He is the Truth John 14: John 18:
He is the first born of all Creation Colossians 1:
He is the first born from the dead. Colossians 1:
He is the head of the church of the first born. Hebrews 12:
Salvation is through Him and Him alone. Acts 4: John 14: Isaiah 43:
He cannot sin. James 1:
He came to this world and lived a life with every temptation placed before Him yet He did not sin. 1 Peter 2:, 1 John 3:, 2 Corinthians 5
He is our High Priest before the Father. The Entire Book of Hebrews
He rules and reigns with the Father over the entire universe. Revelation 11: Psalm 145
He fulfilled all that was written in the Old Testament. Luke 22:
He conquered sin and death for all who choose Him. 1 Corinthians 15:
Today we live in the space age. With all of the science and technology we know that the heavens extend beyond our ability to see and even comprehend.
We know that this planet is reserved for the destruction of Satan and his demons. 2nd Peter 3:  – and the fallen angels that refused to remain in their proper abode. Jude 6:
Along with those men and women born on this planet; who having free will; have made the choice to rebel and follow the god of this world.
Sin no longer reigns and is no longer present in the rest of the universe. The Lord Jesus Christ told us this in Luke 10.  Satan and those in Heaven who chose to follow him were cast unto this earth. There is no place in heaven for sin and those who choose to practice sin have been cast out and are destined for destruction with this planet. 2nd Peter 3:. Satan has been defeated and only has a hold on those who choose to be blind to the salvation offered freely by God, and then follow sin and the father of sin.
The Lord Jesus Christ is not a religion. He is a person, the creator of the universe. The religions of this world are all cleverly disguised to show us how to earn or achieve our way to paradise, the use human wisdom and prey on human pride to base salvation upon our own individual works. The fall of Satan from Gods very presence was pride. One third of the heavenly host followed him to this fancy and their fate and doom is clearly shown to us in the Word. They are being held in prison for final destruction.
Please do not be deceived by Lying signs and wonders exist, and God permits these to take place. Look at the magicians of Moses’s time, heed the warning that Satan and his fallen demons can appear as “Angels of Light”. Know that just because one uses the Name of Christ to cast out demons and perform signs and wonders does not mean that they are His. Matthew 7: Luke 13: Matthew 25:
Do not be fooled. Do not be mislead.
There is only one way to know Him and that is if the Father draws you to Him. The Father draws all who are willing, those who open the door when He knocks. Revelation 3: Those whose hearts seek Him and seek Truth. There is only one truth and it comes directly from the Father through the Son. He is the Head of the Church of the First Born.
If you name is written in the Lamb’s book of life then you are a member of the Church of the First Born. This church is not in any man made building or man-made organization. You and I, who are born again, whose names are written in the Lamb’s book of Life have eternal life. The Kingdom of God lives within us; we are His temples, the Holy Spirit of the Living God lives with and in us. This is the Church of the First Born. This is where our names are found or not found.
So, should we belong to local churches of believers, should we fellowship with other saints, others who Love the Lord Jesus Christ; Of course. Hebrews 10:
Should we be diligent to support our local church and lift up in prayer the shepherd of the flock and the operational budget. Of course 1 Timothy 5:
Should we sit idly by and allow that which is not in complete agreement with His Word to be taught from the Pulpit. Absoultely Not.
Should we be part of an organization which promotes sin and embraces it in corporate activity – Absolutely Not.
It is not our responsibility nor our charge to judge others, but it is our duty to know that sin has no place in our lives, and if we choose to continue in sin or condone it after knowing fully well that it is sin that there is no salvation for those who choose to do so. Hebrews 10:  Romans 1 & 2.
We are without excuse if we continue in this practice.
Regardless of the name on the bulletin, or on the sign post on the front lawn, or printed on the cover of the hymnals, or the signs and wonders demonstrated, or the words of human wisdom that come from any pulpit. The question is do you know Him and do you obey His commands? Do you hold to the truth He taught, to the truth found in His Word and the gift of the New Covenant given by His Blood? No degree in theology is required here, He will teach you. John 6: Isaiah 54:
If you know Him, then He will show you and be willing to lead you. Are you willing to put aside father, mother, brother or sister and be divided? Luke 12: Matthew 10:
So – Who do you choose to serve? Each of us do choose, not by our mouth, but by our actions and the fruit we bear.

All to His Glory!


Kim Ford
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