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Planting and Watering

To His Glory Ministry
This series is a group of seven the Lord put on my heart. Four of which are published here and three which are not.

Father, Am I Yours? Is in response to a question having been asked several times about being born again. I am not a Christian writer, nor author of books or articles. I only present these and the other writings on this website to respond with my personal testimony and share some of the winnowing, pruning and sifting He has brought me through and so I share. I am extremely grateful for who He has put in my path; but each pearl of heavenly wisdom can only be gained and confirmed through His Word with heavenly wisdom and understanding if one has eyes to see and ears to hear, which He and only He gives.

The Holy Spirit of the Living God is our teacher. Father, Teach Me Your Word; Change my heart of stone to fertile soil that the seed planted may grow and produce good fruit.

It is never our job to weave a banner trying to illustrate His Word. His Word is so simple a child can understand it, so Lord give me the heart, humility, fear and obedience of a child that I may see The Tapestry In Heaven, The Word of God who is The Lord Jesus Christ.  lease change my understanding that I may know Your Word is not ink stains on paper, or digital dotís on the computer screen we call The Bible, but The Word of God is the person of the Lord Jesus Christ.

Lord, we are not to interpret Your Word. We know that you clearly and boldly declare that it is only by Your Holy Spirit that we can even begin to understand Your Ways. So, Father, Please Give Me Ears To Hear ;  Your pure Word without the spin of this earthly realm but with heavenly wisdom and heavenly understanding that come from You and no one else. It is to You, Lord God and You alone we give all the Honor, Glory, Praise and Thanksgiving.

My prayer is that you, the reader, may put aside worldly things and allow these four articles to be nothing more than a sign post pointing you to the Lord of lords and King of Kings. Now if after reading these the Lord puts it on your heart to inquire of the remaining three parts of this series, then please send me an email and as He directs I will share what He has given.

All To His Glory