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India Mission Trip – March 2015


The Lord asked; “Are you willing to go where I will send you?” Our answer was yes and He did so sending Kim Ford and Joe Brazil on a mission trip to the Province of Andhra Pradesh which is on the southeastern coast of India.  By His appointment and full provision we were in India most of March 2015. While there, we sent out the following email updates and they are available here by the links below as well.


Picture Gallery

Just a few of the many pictures we took. Scroll down there are several slideshows. 
John Prasad and Family

We arrrived at the airport in Visakhapatnam pronounced “shock-a-putt-nam”.  There we were met by John Prasad and part of his ministry team and drove south a couple of hours to our our hotel in the City of Tuni.  John lives a few miles south of Tuni in the small village of Anuru where the ministry is based. 

Tuni / Anuru
Pastors Conference

John’s ministry is based out of the small village of Anuru about 10 kilometers, 6 miles for us westerners south of Tuni. Tuni is the main city in the area and where they come to shop for food and staples.  The two day pastors conference drew pastors from immediate area as well as some who came from over 200 miles away.  All Glory be unto our Lord and King!

Ministry and Orphanage

 John’s ministry is based in Anuru which includes a church, orphanage, and administration building. The outreach is for all who have a ear to hear as well as orphaned childern and widows.  God’s grace and hand of provision is seen although the needs are many.  



John hosted an area wide Cursade for three nights.  Each night was standing room only and The Lord brought forth His message of salvation and love. 


We also went to many churches delivering God’s message, praying and annointing as He directed.  

The Children

There are two orphanages supported and staffed by John’s ministry.  One in Anuru and the other in Edatam a couple of miles north.  Between the two facilities they house, care and provide for about 150 children.  Praise God!



Rajur and Hepsiba

We leave Tuni and head south about 4 – 6 hours driving time to Amalapuram to start the second leg of our mission with Rajur and his wife Hepsiba, along with Hepsiba’s brother Jash.  Jash will be our translator for the most of the rest of our trip.  We visited many churches, homes and individuals. Our God is Awesome.   

Pastors Conference

Rajur hosted a two day Pastor’s Conference as well.  Meeting on the roof of his home we had an evening church service and then for the next two days held another Pastor’s Conference with approximately 50 pastors in attendence.


Daniel and Sasilee

Daniel and Sasilee are Hepsiba and Jash’s parents.  They are from Palakoolau which is an area about 35 miles west of Amalapuram. Daniel and Sasilee lead a very established church in the area with 200 plus in attendance each week. Jash is an assitant pastor and leads home churches as well. We were invited to preach on the Sunday morning and then attended a baptism of seven new believers in the Godavari river    


The final leg of our trip was to stop and spend time with Santosh Desabttula in Visakhapatnam.  Santosh has a large ministry in this city of about 1.5 million people along with an orphanage, seminary and school.  We preached at an outside service as well as at his home church. The blessing was truly ours. Thank You LORD!