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Worship According To Thy Word

Bessie & Joe Brazil, Kim Ford, Joanne and Steve Millhorn
This group of five, Joe and Bessie Brazil, Steve and Joanne Millhorn and Kim Ford, were called by the Father to produce this series; both the recordings and the written transcripts. All to His Glory!! He also gave this Word on 7/3/2013, and has confirmed it several times regarding this seven-part Series. We pass it along to you:
“Those who hear My Voice will know My Word, to another they will not listen. Those who know Me, will know what is My Word. I will teach them; you are to show them. Use My Word to show them. My Word will confirm.”
Seek His Face and His Word. Listen not to the religious opinions of any man. Let everything be confirmed both by His Word and His Spirit. Let the Holy Spirit of the Living God, in you and with you be your Helper, your Teacher and your Comforter.
Also, is another website that has the PDF downloads along with the audio recordings of this series, and some other great things from the group of five above and others. Check it out.